Mr Exemption Stickers - Mixed Packs


Designs from our very own MR E

1. Any System of Law

2. The Strongest Inside

3. If your foolish enough

4. Stop Participating

5. State of Mind

6. The Capacity of 

7. Do not be decieved

8 Do not let yourselves become divided

9. If you believe fear generating

10. Ignorance is Weakness

11. The best decision I ever made

12. Sheep need to be fed information

13. The Government are lying to us

14. Boris said have the jabs 

15. We are being psychologically manipulated

16. Blind Compliance

17. 2020 vs 2021

18. The Freedoms you surrender

19. Positivity is the key

20. The sheep will spend its entire life

21. Were people who refused thalidomide

22. A man's natural rights are his own

23. I am the wisest man alive

24. How much better

25. When your favorite earthling

26. Don't be a dummy

27. Cognative Dissonance

28. 50'000 People was only the start

29. Allies: We defeated the nazi's

30. Don't Be a fool

31. Difference between Protests

32. No Masks Please

33. Healthy People, Stop being tested

34. Question? How can I end lockdown

35. The only thing this prevents

36. Makes Sense...

37. Im just gonna stop you right there

38. If you are a person troubled by the sight

39. Give up your freedom

40. Malcolm X Warned us

41. Hi, I'm George Soros

42. The WHO Has now released guidence

43. Corona vs Immune system

44. Clown Jab

45. Performing Invasive Procedures

46. The existence of a secret society

47. When people confuse education with intelligence

48. Phone Mask

49. A World of appreciation

50. The death of ideas

51. Realize, Hatred Jealousy & Agression isn't you

52. Waiting for the jab

53. Wait here until

54. Own nothing, be happy

55. The predictions of conspiracy theorists